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Wellness and Engagement

Health and Harmony. Strength and Spirit.

Parc at Traditions inspires residents to live healthy, active lifestyles through engaging programs that promote health, wellness, activity and independence. Our innovative programs are built upon four fundamental “pillars” of wellness: Physical, Social, Intellectual and Spiritual. Each program element is specifically designed to engage one or more of these four pillars and provide residents the opportunity to enjoy vibrant, engaged and enriched lives.

  1. Physical – Fitness and endurance training, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular development
  2. Social – Relationship fulfillment, social interaction and community involvement
  3. Intellectual – Cognitive awareness and fitness
  4. Spiritual – Inner growth and well-being


Parc at Traditions has designed comprehensive wellness and engagement programs to be responsive to your individual interests, abilities and goals. Our unique programs provide personal choices which help residents live their best lives now. Our mission is to offer the ideal tools to help you enhance your well-being and build an active and independent lifestyle.

Through partnerships with the neighboring Texas A&M Health Science Center and St. Joseph MatureWell Lifestyle Center, Parc at Traditions continues an enduring commitment to resident wellness with new and exciting opportunities to pioneer healthier, more fulfilling resident lifestyles.

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